The Questions of Stewardship

In past posts, I have emphasized the importance of feeling sufficient to meet the opportunities and challenges that await us on the bridge to the future.  

Sufficiency is the sum total of our personal power in direct relation to the inevitable encounter with the unknown. There is no predicting what that meeting will look like or what we will face when it arrives. The only preparation we can make is to be careful stewards or our powers for the day they will be tested.


Our personal powers consists of the knowledge, aptitudes, gifts, talents, skills, character qualities and experiences. It also includes intangibles that are only made known to us at the time of our encounter, when they are most needed and emerge from the abstract, where they reside in wait. This power is unique to us.


Sufficiency requires that a Visionmaker be the careful stewardship of his or her power.


Here are some questions that can help us recognize that we are abundantly gifted and capable of not only meeting our challenges but also in generating opportunities for growth, development and prosperity. They are the Questions of Stewardship.


• What experiences have left you stronger, more knowledgeable, and better rounded as a person? Why? How?


•  What natural abilities do you possess – abilities that have come easily to you? For instance, some people have an ear for music; others are mathematically inclined; still others relate easily to other people. Name two or three of your natural abilities.


•  What are the most common compliments that you receive from other people? What does this tell you about your positive impact.


•  Who turns to you for advice?  What kind of counsel do people seek from you?  Why?


•  What relationships are you making positive contributions to? How are you making those positive contributions?


•  What accomplishments are you most proud of in your life? Why?


•  What challenges have you met with courage and creativity?  What life lessons came from these events?


•  What prudent risks have you taken? What did you learn about yourself from these experiences?


•  Who do you admire and for what qualities?  Chances are you exhibit similar traits.


Visionmakers see personal power as a personal responsibility. They are never cavalier about developing the proper attitude, practices and environment for such power to gather. It is through this power that purposeful action is generated. And it is through personal power that the experiential expedition of living can be fully explored and enjoyed.


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