A Visionmaker is always alert to the presence of chance. Chance is a rip in the fabric of the status quo that opens when a Visionmaker's intention to make positive change is greater than stasis.  

Chance is often considered random, unpredictable, and occurring outside of a cause.  Some people associate it with being lucky. Others see it as risk-oriented as in "taking a chance."

  Visionmakers see chance differently. They see it as a gap between the present and the future that can be crossed through readiness, preparation, training and full engagement. They trust that by following a path of heart and meaning, by giving themselves completely to their life dream, that chance will occur if they are patient and vigilant. It's predictable.


Some people don't even see chance open up before them. Their vision is invested in other things-old stories, worries, the affairs of others, and things that they cannot control.  A Visionmaker is always striving to release vision from its obstructions so that focus can be placed on what is emerging rather than what has passed.

  To take advantage of the moment when the present and the future are adjacent fields, a Visionmaker must be strong-hearted. One cannot hesitate, second-guess or dither. The only act that has the power to bridge the gap is one that is free from doubt, worry or concern.

  Visionmakers enter the gap between the present and the future like one would ride the wind - with joy and exhilaration.


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Posted on May 21, 2009 and filed under Chance.