This Week in San Francisco

I am in San Francisco this week attending an unusal gathering of visionaries and leaders in organizational development looking at what is emerging in the field and what we might do together that would be meaningful and make a difference.


So far, not much is emerging on the "to-do" list that is tangible other than the reassurance that we are all out there fighting the good fight in some way, shape or form. Perhaps that's enough?


As I reflect on my career so far, I like to think that more has been accomplished than simply greasing the wheels of enterprise. Seeds have been planted, dreams have unfolded, meaning has been struck, and some suffering has been alleviated.


I have also been the recipient of many gifts from the people I have worked for and with over the years.


If work is the great crucible of creativity then I give thanks for the opportunity it has provided to discover, develop and practice expressing my gifts in the world with the intent of leaving things a little better than I found them.


Posted on May 14, 2010 and filed under Uncategorized.