Visionmaker Programs

Recently we held the second of four Visionmaker programs, The Vision of the Heart. It was well attended, with many of those who took Vision 2010 returning for the second installment. These programs were quite different and the remaining two programs will be as well.


The feedback has been very positive for both offerings. "Life altering," has been mentioned as a positive outcome from the work so far.


The Vision of the Heart focussed on Angeles Arrien's model of The Four-Chambered Heart. Anatomically, the heart has four distinct chambers and in some traditional societies, these chambers have been recognized with visionary functions.


The full, open, clear and strong heart are the home of vision. When we are full, open, clear and strong-hearted, we can see what has heart and meaning.


If the heart becomes half, closed, filled with doubts, or weakens, it becomes difficult to see who or what is most important to our happiness and well-being.


The Vision of the Heart program focussed on unburdening the heart and reclaiming our visionary compass. We worked with practices of reflection, dialogue, time in nature, ritual and journeying as the access points to seeing next steps in personal leadership, relationships, work and community involvement.


Our next offering is The Cycle of Visionmaking, September 25, 26 in Toronto. The Cycle of Visionmaking program will feature the central practices of vision work. You are most welcome to join us, whether you have participated in other workshops with us, or if it is your first time. The groups are friendly and inclusive.


For more information, please visit our website at www. I hope to see you there.



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Posted on May 10, 2010 and filed under Updates.