The Unknown Territory

"Meditation is to find out if there is a field which is not already contaminated by the known."  – J. Krishnamurti  

I love this idea that there may be within us "a field not already contaminated by the known." It is so evocative and reminds us of the inner adventure awaiting us as Visionmakers.


What are the places within us that are less familiar? Where are the frontiers of our experience that remain unexplored? How do we get there?


I am sure Krishnamurti would respond: "Through meditation!"


Meditation, or reflection is a central practice of the Visionmaker. It provides a break from the external world of action to the stillness of the inner world, where contemplation takes us deep into the heart of what is most meaningful to us, to what matters most.


It is important that we check-in with our own guidance system before returning to the outer world.  This way, we can insure that action is purposeful, guided by the heart and not by expediency.


But there are many other doorways to the unknown parts of ourselves.  Some of these are:


New experiences - every quarter, we should seek out new people, places, and activities that we have not experienced. This broadens our perspectives and refreshes our vision.


Challenges - sometimes what lies dormant and inaccessible within us is only made available through a challenge.  We have untapped resources that come forward for application in the right conditions. One way to call these resources forward is to learn something new, take up a new hobby or set breakthrough goals for yourself. Also, finding a mentor or coach helps us grow out of our areas of comfort and expertise into a new stage of learning, growth and development.


Immersion - when we are fully engaged, we often find ourselves in totally new territory that is entered through peak experience. By doing what we love, and giving ourselves to it totally, we enter that unknown territory that has been waiting for us.


Journeying - is a technique that is part of many traditional cultures. It is accomplished through sonic driving, a rhythmic drumming technique that produces a natural altered state. This is a central practice of Visionmaking and supports seeing, the ability to enter the frontier of the future.


Daydreams and Night-dreams - creative people, artists and scientists have long recognized the power of dreams to support insight, make new connections and observe what is emerging from the unconscious.


Breakthrough - is the ability to move past obstructions or barriers that prevent positive change. These obstructions to vision prevent us from seeing with the fresh eyes of the explorer and adventurer and keep us in the domain of the status quo, where habit and routine create the illusion that world is familiar and mundane. A breakthrough, however, implies disorientation. It takes the eyes time to adjust to the new landscape. Rather than be afraid of new perception, Visionmakers welcome it.


Visionmaking is the pursuit of the "field of the unknown." It is always right there in front of us, awaiting our arrival, ready to bestow upon us it's ultimate gift-transformation. Through meditation, new experiences, challenges, immersion, daydreams and night-dreams and breakthroughs, Visionmakers search for this uncontaminated field of new experience.


It is a journey with heart.

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